Opinion: Content is still king

Racing Post B2B Director, Eugene Delaney, recently spoke to EGR Marketing on engaging content and how it can lead to increased betting activity and more valuable customers in the long run. The piece was published on 3 October 2018 in EGR Marketing Global which can be found here https://egr.global/marketing/digital-editions/ 

In today’s busy world of apps, mobiles, and social media platforms, it is challenging for gaming companies to engage consumers and provide key information on the numerous markets available. However, breaking through the clutter, many major bookmakers have learned the key to strong customer engagement and retention is high-quality expert content.

Companies that previously focused solely on providing a platform for placing a bet now realise that forming a relationship with a customer and providing better information can have a positive impact on brand loyalty. In a saturated gambling market, showcasing key content with verdicts, tips and predictions for every sporting event can add significant value.

Recent statistics show 53% of mobile visits to a website are abandoned after three seconds, so improving dwell time should be the number one priority for bookmakers. Dwell time is one of the most important, yet frequently misunderstood website metrics.

Many operators are putting too much faith in bounce rate when evaluating traffic, but this metric is unreliable and can be misleading. Simply put, dwell time is the length of time visitors spend on a page before returning to the search engine results page (SERPs). In theory, the longer the dwell time the better; this is a key indicator that the visitor has consumed most of the content on a page before performing another action on the site.

Gambling websites generally get a lot of visits, however if a visitor stays on a page for less than 10 seconds statistics show they are not placing a bet. An increase in dwell time by 41% can increase ‘bets placed’ by up to 35%. The same increase in dwell time can lead to a 28% increase in bet stake as customers feel more informed on upcoming events. Engaging content is the number one way in increasing dwell time on a page.

Sport builds relationships, creates rivalries and displays the best aspects of competition and sportsmanship. From the lowest amateur leagues to the lofty heights of international superstars there’s something about watching a great sporting contest that inspires us all.

Predicting the outcome of sporting events across the displays knowledge, expertise and confidence. Providing this content not only engages your customers and builds a relationship but also provides higher bet conversion. High-quality, handwritten sporting content provides 56% higher engagement rates and 47% more timely and relevant interactions with a website.

The ‘personal touch’ is always warmly greeted in the offline world as most people enjoy entering a betting shop, local pub or corner shop where the person behind the counter knows their name and order. This is just as key online and advances in technology have allowed gambling operators to personalise the user experience through a secure login and data sharing. Personalised content increases customer engagement, while it’s been proven an operator can see up to a 217% increase in revenue once implementing personalised content on their website. Adding personalised sporting content to an operator’s site adds significant value to the betting market.

With 61% of viewers now watching sport online and 82% of gambling now taking place online it shows how strong the market is for digital bet-prompting content. If a viewer is moving between watching the event and a gambling website expert content is the go-between.

The content is what gives the user the feeling of being informed before they spend their money. This is particularly relevant for the younger generation – 68% of online gamblers between 18-24 are prompted to gamble by tipping content online.

There have never been as many providers of predictions, tips and BOOMs as there are currently online and across social media. However it has only amplified the fact consumers are still more likely to trust iconic brands with long track records of consistent performance when they choose where to spend their money. Trusted, high-quality content is key for engagement, conversion and retention for online customers and adds significant value to your brand.

Bill Gates has spoken a lot of sense during his long tenure at the helm of Microsoft, however he may never utter words which are truer than ‘Content is king’.


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