The B2B division offers an
unrivalled worldwide content portfolio for
bookmakers and media associations.

Acknowledged throughout the racing and gaming industries, the Racing Post creates bespoke products suited to your audience that will enable your company to maximise profitability by offering unique data, editorial or multi-media solutions.

How we can work with you

Racing Post B2B offers Racing Post content in different formats to integrate or incorporate into your own print and digital displays and publication for websites, newspapers, localised race cards or other applications. The Racing Post's continuing research and growing databases allows us to adapt content to meet any bespoke requirement.

Racing Post B2B products & services offered include digital content, retail solutions, audio/visual content, new products from the Innovation Centre, advertising as well as related other services such as Photos and RP Jobs.

The B2B team have seen huge growth over the past few years and are now the leading syndicated content provider with an international customer portfolio. Contact us for more information about how we can help your business.